Team Guidelines

WWU Equestrian Team Guidelines
2017-2018 Year

1.  Meetings are mandatory.  Members must give at least 24 hours notice if he or she will miss a meeting.  Members must have a legitimate reason for missing a meeting, having to study is not a legitimate excuse.

2.  Members must give at lease 24 hours notice for missing practice.  If a member does not attend practice and fails to give proper notice, he or she will incur a $30 fee.

3.  Members must give at least 72 hours notice if he or she is unable to attend a clinic or horse show that they have signed up to attend.  If a member fails to give proper notice, he or she may face penalties or fees and loss of showing privileges.  

4.  Members must attend at least 3 volunteer opportunities or contribute at least 10 volunteer hours each, throughout the year.  However, these 10 hours must be accrued over more than one volunteer event.

5.  Members must log in to practice.  This includes the date, time in, the horse being ridden, and the time out.

6.  Members must complete, or attempt to complete, the pre/post-ride workouts.  If a member fails to complete the workout, he or she will not be permitted to ride and will lose showing priority.  (Unless the member has an extenuating physical reason which has been approved by the officer board).

7.  Show priority will be given to members who attend practice, meetings, and volunteer opportunities, maintain a positive attitude, and show dedication to the team.

8.  If a member incurs three strikes (missing practice or meetings without warning or failing to contribute to volunteer hours) he or she will face loss of showing privileges or loss of membership to the team.  The severity of punishment will be based on what the officer board sees as fit and will be determined by vote of the officers.

9.  The officer board maintains the right to alter or add to these guidelines at any time.

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