Wednesday, November 9, 2016

11/8/16 Election Day!

Due to the election going on we kept the meeting short but talked about many important things! first off we reviewed everyone going to Ellensburg this weekend for a Double Western hosted by CWU. Last weekend we went down to Albany, Oregon to a one day double western hosted by LBCC. i am happy to saw that everyone walked away with a ribbon!
CWU is our last show of the quarter so next weekend we are volunteering at Pediatric NDT and SI Therapy Services.
Lastly we talked about our end of the quarter holiday party! We just put ideas out there but we decided on doing a white elephant style party and we are going to do a potluck! The party will be held on November 29th!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 1st Meeting

Last week we did not have a meeting. However, over the weekend our Western Team had a clinic with Roger Saur at Westby Equine Center.

At the meeting today we started off by telling everyone our new protocol for injuries. All injuries from horse related events must be reported to one of our officers and before you can ride again you must go to the health center and be cleared there with a doctors note.

Next we talked about reimbursements for traveling and team gear. To pay for your gear go into the glass office in the Rec Center. All gear payments are due November 11th. As for reimbursements, go to the glass office and fill out a reimbursement form. They will process it and then give it back to you. If it is over $75 the sports club will reimburse you, but if it is under $75 take the reimbursement form to Old Main 110 and they will give you cash.

This weekend we have a show in Albany Oregon hosted by Linn-Benton Community College. The show will be held at Linn County Fair and Expo Center. Next weekend the western team will be traveling to Ellensburg to compete at a show hosted by Central Washington University.

On November 19th we will be having a Volunteering event with Pediatric NDT and SI Services.

Lastly we talked about getting sponsors for our show. In the coming weeks we are going to put together groups and go out and try to get sponsors for our show. We have different levels of sponsors that companies can purchase including a raffle they can put items from their company into.

Two weeks ago both of the teams traveled to Colfax Washington to compete in a show hosted by Washington State University.