Thursday, September 15, 2016

Summer and Beginning of the Year!

Hello Equestrians! We are super excited for the season to start! With the new year brought a couple new officers to the board! Johanna as our VP, Callie as our treasurer, and Courtney as Secretary (that's me)! And of course we will still have our other lovely officers Emily at our President, and Mikayla as Show Secretary!

With the end of summer I reached out to a couple members of our team to ask what fun horsey things they did this summer. One of our officers Johanna spent the summer working at a horse camp all summer! Here is her story. " I was a camp counselor at Lang's Horse and Pony Farm all summer. I worked with a lot of different kids, most of which had never been around horses before, drank a lot of water, worked long days, and, of course, cleaned up a half ton of poop (literally!). One of my favorite memories was when we held an employee barrel race in July. Almost all of my coworkers are gamers and have their own horses, go to Friday Night Lights, basically, they know what they'd doing! Me, not so much. I have gamed one time in my life, at a 4-H fun day in a tall, clunky Appy who didn't really like to go fast and who wasn't patterned. Most of the horses and some of the ponies on the farm are patterned, and love to play games. So, to say I wasn't nervous would be a lie! I got this awesome tb bay mare named Lalique, who has one of the smoothest lopes I've ever ridden. So, anyways, this was a pretty big thing. We'd literally work the arena for 3 days, with everyone taking turns picking out rocks. Some girls trailered in their own horses. All of the overnight campers and some parents came to watch. The barrels were measured out to exact distances and we had a laser start/stop timer. Everyone would get in the arena 3 times, the first not for a time. On our first go, we looked like we knew what to do. Nice easy lope, took the first barrel nice, looked up for the second, by the time we headed for the third, I felt good. We hit the third barrel and Lalique turned sharp...and I didn't! yes. I fell off, right into that nice, soft dirt, right on my butt, right in front of my boss and coworkers. The only thing that I hurt was my pride. I got back on and we ran our other times and had a good (slow) time, but that was a fun, slightly embarrassing thing that happened!"

Another member of our team made a huge accomplishment this summer! Throughout the spring Lily was teaching Mariah how to ride English on Lily's horse Willow. At the end of the summer Mariah and Willow tried to jump and they executed it perfectly!

I can't wait to hear what everyone else did this summer!!
Second, lets get down the business. Classes start next Wednesday September 21. With the start of school means beginning of our season! If you are new to the team or have any questions about this coming year come see us at our booth at Info Fair on the 19th, and 20th. If you are interested in joining and can't make it to Info fair, come to our new member meeting on SEPTEMBER 21 IN ROOM 115 OF THE COMMUNICATIONS BUILDING AT 7PM. Western tryouts will be Sept. 25 at Westby Equine Center and English tryouts will be October 1st or 2nd weather depending.

Show dates are up!
October 22nd/23rd-WSU Single Hunt, Single Western
November 5th- LBCC Double Western
November 12th/13th- CWU Double Western

January 14th/15th- OSU Double Hunt
February 4/5th- WWU Single Hunt, Single Western
Late February: REGIONALS

See everyone soon!!