Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meeting Notes 1-26

We will be going to the OSU double huntseat show on February 13&14. We took who wanted to show. If you were excused from the meeting, contact the officer board if you want to show.

Gear dues should be paid. If not, do so by next Tuesday or we will take your gear back.

If you are not driving to lessons, please give your drivers about $5 to help with gas money. 

If you are able to show clip, Suzy needs someone to help her with that prior to our show on Thursday.

We created car pools for our show this weekend. They are:
Ashley (leaving at 11:30)

Elizabeth (1:00)

Courtney (3:00)

Lily (4:00)

We asked who wants to warm up ride. You can not show if you warm-up. 

You have been assigned horses to hold. Check the tack room in the fairgrounds to double check which horse you are assigned to. If you're holding a horse be sure to:

  • Make sure your horse has food, water, and a clean stall
  • Have an officer, Rachel, Suzy, or a steward double check your tack before letting a warm up rider get on 
  • You break it, you buy it
  • Keep the horses walking in a cooler when they aren’t in a class
  • Lead horse to and from arena (riders are not allowed to ride outside of the ring w/o a handler)
  • NEVER leave a horse unattended
  • hold horse while rider is getting on, even if they have other team members helping  
  • NEVER let any tack touch the ground
  • Keep track of all of your horse’s tack  
  • ALWAYS have the most positive sunshiney attitude no matter what :) 
Here's the schedule for our weekend. Be sure to arrive on time!

Friday: Arrive whenever you get out of class
Saturday: Arrive at 5:30 am to feed
Saturday night: Banquet starts at 5:30....we won’t have a lot of time to leave and come back so bring food to the fairgrounds with you! (You can eat at the banquet, but there is time in between!)
Sunday: Arrive at 5:00 am to feed
When do I get to go home? Never - please don't ask us this!

Remember to pay for classes Saturday and Sunday before the show.

Please remember The owners donating their horses are the center of our universe and we cater to their every need with a big cheesy smile.Also no gossiping about horses, humans, or anything in between!

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