Wednesday, November 9, 2016

11/8/16 Election Day!

Due to the election going on we kept the meeting short but talked about many important things! first off we reviewed everyone going to Ellensburg this weekend for a Double Western hosted by CWU. Last weekend we went down to Albany, Oregon to a one day double western hosted by LBCC. i am happy to saw that everyone walked away with a ribbon!
CWU is our last show of the quarter so next weekend we are volunteering at Pediatric NDT and SI Therapy Services.
Lastly we talked about our end of the quarter holiday party! We just put ideas out there but we decided on doing a white elephant style party and we are going to do a potluck! The party will be held on November 29th!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 1st Meeting

Last week we did not have a meeting. However, over the weekend our Western Team had a clinic with Roger Saur at Westby Equine Center.

At the meeting today we started off by telling everyone our new protocol for injuries. All injuries from horse related events must be reported to one of our officers and before you can ride again you must go to the health center and be cleared there with a doctors note.

Next we talked about reimbursements for traveling and team gear. To pay for your gear go into the glass office in the Rec Center. All gear payments are due November 11th. As for reimbursements, go to the glass office and fill out a reimbursement form. They will process it and then give it back to you. If it is over $75 the sports club will reimburse you, but if it is under $75 take the reimbursement form to Old Main 110 and they will give you cash.

This weekend we have a show in Albany Oregon hosted by Linn-Benton Community College. The show will be held at Linn County Fair and Expo Center. Next weekend the western team will be traveling to Ellensburg to compete at a show hosted by Central Washington University.

On November 19th we will be having a Volunteering event with Pediatric NDT and SI Services.

Lastly we talked about getting sponsors for our show. In the coming weeks we are going to put together groups and go out and try to get sponsors for our show. We have different levels of sponsors that companies can purchase including a raffle they can put items from their company into.

Two weeks ago both of the teams traveled to Colfax Washington to compete in a show hosted by Washington State University.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Meeting 10/18/16

Meeting 10/18/16

To start off the meeting we talked about needing to finish the player registration packet, which can be found on orgsync. We need this done by this Friday. Next, we asked people who would be interested in driving to shows. The people who volunteered we told to go on Orgsync and fill out the Vehicle Registration Form and give your license to Emily to take a picture of so she can give that to the school.

Next we talked about the show this weekend. We reminded everyone of show etiquette such as safe driving, and sportsmanship. for the new members we let them know to bring money for their owns food and to dress warmly and bring money for their class. We also assigned a team photographer, which will be Sophie.

We will be competing at WSU this weekend. Hunt Seat will go on Saturday starting at 8, warm up at 7. This show will be judged by Sally Collins. Western will go in Sunday starting at 8, warm up at 7 and it will be judged by Gena Loper. The show will be held at Palouse Empire Fairgrounds in Colfax, WA. The team will be staying at the Super 8 Moscow in Idaho.

We will be leaving on Friday at 4 and meeting in the C-lots at 3:30. For those driving we will be meeting in the C-lots at 1:30 to go pick up the cars from Enterprise. 

For those not going to the show this weekend, we will be volunteering at Western Fall Welcome.

Next weekend, October 29th, we will be having a clinic for the western riders with Roger Saur. This will start at 9am at Westby Equine Center.

The first two weekend of November we have Double Western Shows at LBCC and CWU. We took down names of people who potentially want to go.

Lastly, we took orders for team gear

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

First All Team Meeting: 10/4/16

First off. to introduce everyone we played a fun trivia game where we mixed up old members and new members. The old members had to explain something about the team super quick to a new member and then the new member had to explain it o everyone. The winning team got a prize.

We then received everyone schedules so we can put together lessons for the team. Lessons start next week.

We passed out the liability form from the school to have everyone sign.

Next we passed around "the Big list" which includes (Full Name, W#, Level, email, phone number, if you have a car, height and weight) . If you ever have to get ahold of someone on the team refer to that list.

We talked about dues for the team. $250 for twice a week and $125 for once a week and non-comp team. Also we talked about paying the dues for IHSA.

Next we talked about serious rules of the team.
  • Attendance mandatory
  • Missing lessons
  • And missing volunteer events that you signed up for without letting us know 24 hours in advance
-we have a 3 strike rule

There will be a movie night this friday at Courtneys apartment.

This Saturday we are having a Demo day for new members and anyone who wants a refresher on how to tack up a horse both Western and English. Time TBD, we will send you an email.

We talked about our first clinic on October 29th or 30th for western riders with Roger Saur.

Volunteering: October 15th-whatcom humane society
     October 22nd-western welcome

We took a list of people who tentatively want to go to the WSU show which will he held October 22nd and 23rd at the Colfax Fairgrounds.

Lastly, we had both our coaches come and talk about their barn rules and expectations for the team.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Summer and Beginning of the Year!

Hello Equestrians! We are super excited for the season to start! With the new year brought a couple new officers to the board! Johanna as our VP, Callie as our treasurer, and Courtney as Secretary (that's me)! And of course we will still have our other lovely officers Emily at our President, and Mikayla as Show Secretary!

With the end of summer I reached out to a couple members of our team to ask what fun horsey things they did this summer. One of our officers Johanna spent the summer working at a horse camp all summer! Here is her story. " I was a camp counselor at Lang's Horse and Pony Farm all summer. I worked with a lot of different kids, most of which had never been around horses before, drank a lot of water, worked long days, and, of course, cleaned up a half ton of poop (literally!). One of my favorite memories was when we held an employee barrel race in July. Almost all of my coworkers are gamers and have their own horses, go to Friday Night Lights, basically, they know what they'd doing! Me, not so much. I have gamed one time in my life, at a 4-H fun day in a tall, clunky Appy who didn't really like to go fast and who wasn't patterned. Most of the horses and some of the ponies on the farm are patterned, and love to play games. So, to say I wasn't nervous would be a lie! I got this awesome tb bay mare named Lalique, who has one of the smoothest lopes I've ever ridden. So, anyways, this was a pretty big thing. We'd literally work the arena for 3 days, with everyone taking turns picking out rocks. Some girls trailered in their own horses. All of the overnight campers and some parents came to watch. The barrels were measured out to exact distances and we had a laser start/stop timer. Everyone would get in the arena 3 times, the first not for a time. On our first go, we looked like we knew what to do. Nice easy lope, took the first barrel nice, looked up for the second, by the time we headed for the third, I felt good. We hit the third barrel and Lalique turned sharp...and I didn't! yes. I fell off, right into that nice, soft dirt, right on my butt, right in front of my boss and coworkers. The only thing that I hurt was my pride. I got back on and we ran our other times and had a good (slow) time, but that was a fun, slightly embarrassing thing that happened!"

Another member of our team made a huge accomplishment this summer! Throughout the spring Lily was teaching Mariah how to ride English on Lily's horse Willow. At the end of the summer Mariah and Willow tried to jump and they executed it perfectly!

I can't wait to hear what everyone else did this summer!!
Second, lets get down the business. Classes start next Wednesday September 21. With the start of school means beginning of our season! If you are new to the team or have any questions about this coming year come see us at our booth at Info Fair on the 19th, and 20th. If you are interested in joining and can't make it to Info fair, come to our new member meeting on SEPTEMBER 21 IN ROOM 115 OF THE COMMUNICATIONS BUILDING AT 7PM. Western tryouts will be Sept. 25 at Westby Equine Center and English tryouts will be October 1st or 2nd weather depending.

Show dates are up!
October 22nd/23rd-WSU Single Hunt, Single Western
November 5th- LBCC Double Western
November 12th/13th- CWU Double Western

January 14th/15th- OSU Double Hunt
February 4/5th- WWU Single Hunt, Single Western
Late February: REGIONALS

See everyone soon!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

5-10-16 Meeting

We introduced a new member of the officer board Johanna. She will be the Vice President next year. Lily, who was formerly elected vice president stepped down because she is transferring to Whatcom Community College next year.

Next we talked about Volunteering Events for the rest of the year. this weekend on Saturday we are volunteering at Animals for Natural Therapy. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will be helping Habitat for Humanity with setting up for their auction. Our final volunteering we talked about was Ski to Sea over Memorial Day Weekend.

We discussed our end of the year party as well! it will be a potluck style on June 3rd from 6-8 at Leanna's, Elizabeth's and Ashley's house!

Our English Coach Suzy needs help painting jumps so we discussed that with the team and are still trying to figure out a date.

Finally we voted for Best English and Western horse. Results will be revealed at our end of the year party!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Up Coming Events as of 4/20/16


Saturday, April 23: Whatcom Humane Society

They need people to come and set up for a dinner event. This includes grooming and possibly braiding the horses, as well as helping with any cleaning or set up they need
We still need people to sign up!!!!! 
If interested, shoot an email to the team account 

Team Bonding:

Kentucky Derby Party

Theme: Classy AF
Bring: Appetizers and Lemonade 
When: May 7th 
Where: Leanna, Elizabeth and Ashley's House
Time: Any time after 2, be there by 2:45 so as not to miss any of the horses
Race time: 3:34
Dress code: Hats

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Meeting Notes 3/8

We turned in our schedules for Spring riding.  If you are planning on riding spring quarter, you need to bring your schedule to the officer board as soon as possible.

We are still meeting at Rudy's Pizza tomorrow at 7:30 for team bonding.

We also hosted officer elections. Those elected are:
Courtney for Secretary
Lily for Vice President
Callie for Treasurer

Finally, we have several volunteering events coming up. These are the rock climbing competition, the bicycling competition and potentially Western Welcome (if we have enough people sign up.) In addition, we have the potential for a tour at Faith Equestrian Center and future volunteering events there, so if you are interested in touring the facility, let Keelin know.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meeting Notes 3/1

Hello everyone.

First, we have several volunteering opportunities. Remember, you must have 10 hours of volunteering in order to be on the team next year. We keep track of everyone's hours, and the person with the most hours wins a special reward. Spring Quarter is a great time to volunteer because we have no shows and less lessons!

Saturday, March 12 we have an opportunity to volunteer at a rock-climbing competition from 8 am to 4 pm (or noon).

Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3 we have an opportunity to volunteer for the cycling team with two shifts possible: Morning shift, which would be in charge of sweeping; Afternoon shift, which would be manning the radio.

Every Saturday, you can also volunteer at Rachel's barn by helping Kodie with the barn chores.

We also have a bonding opportunity on Wednesday, March 9th at Rudy's Pizza, which helps the WWU Crew Team raise funds. 15 percent of what we pay will go to the crew team (just be sure to say you want proceeds to benefit WWU Crew!) We will meet at 7 p.m.

Another bonding opportunity is a cookie decorating party. This will be potentially held on Friday, March 11.

We have clinics coming up! If you have any ideas for clinics or people who might be interested in giving one, let the officer board know. Right now, we hope to have a cross-over clinic and vaulting clinic.

A new change has been implemented regarding gas reimbursements. Now, the school will reimburse a flat rate depending on how many miles are driven, not per each instance. However, we need to know the average you spent for each distance so these amounts are accurate. If you have gas totals for shows, please send them to the officer board so we can pass those along to the Sport Club Office.

For Spring Quarter riding, lessons will be once a week and will cost $125 for the quarter. Bring in your schedules by next meeting.

We will be hosting elections soon! We have three spots becoming available: Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President. Some pros of being an officer is that you are in a seat of power, pay no dues, always know what's going on, it is a resume builder, you get great experience and get more riding opportunities. However, the cons are that it is a large time commitment, with some late nights and early mornings.
If you are good at meeting deadlines, not a huge procrastinator, can balance the team and personal/school life and love the team, you would be a good fit for an officer! Note that you HAVE to do a two hour leadership training sometime in April or May, must be available September 17 and 18, and have CPR training September 19 and 20.
Here's a short description of each officer position:
Secretary: In this position, you are in charge of making sure all travel is set. This includes working with the Sport Club Office and working on strict deadlines to file the proper paperwork, book hotels and rent cars. You are also responsible for writing meeting notes and taking attendance.
Treasurer: In this role, you work with everything money related. This includes making sure accounts are set up for payments, the gear orders, ordering ribbons for our show and managing reimbursements for the show.
Show Secretary: Basically everything that goes into the show, you are in charge of. Reserving the fairground, getting judges, making show programs, entering everyone for every show and much more. It is a lot of work, but if you are interested in doing this in the future (we don't suggest running for this right now because there's a lot to know, especially if you've never done it), talk to Mikayla about it. This way, next year you can learn the ropes.
Vice President: The Vice President plans all our volunteering, clinics and fundraising. They are also in charge of taking over in the President's absence or helping the President with any tasks that may arise.
President: The President runs everything, making sure all the appropriate paperwork is turned in on time to keep the team a team. They organize lessons schedules, work with our coaches, manage team morale and deal with any problems that arise. You must have been on the Office Board for one year before you can run for President.
Elections will be held next week. Come with a speech prepared and which position you want to run for.

Also, our President Emily will be leaving for a study-abroad in Germany in two weeks (end of Winter Quarter) and will be abroad all of Spring Quarter. The rest of the Officer Board will be in charge in her place.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Meeting Notes 1/16

We are heading to the WSU show this weekend. We will leave the C-lots by 4 pm. Carpools and hotels will be emailed out this week.

Please remember to clean-up at lessons. Suzy would like you to sweep before and after the lesson. Please make sure your mess is cleaned up before you leave.

We are helping feed at Rachel's while she is out. Lessons groups will be required to bring horses in and feed. Other dates will need volunteers (weekends). Please let the officer board know if you are available to help out. The schedule will be sent out when it is finalized.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Meeting Notes 2/9/16

Please be sure to carpool as much as possible to lessons. This not only helps the environment, but it helps both Suzy and Rachel manage the limited space on their property. Neither barn has much room, so we want to be as convenient as possible. If you drive yourself to your lessons and can carpool, please do so!

In addition, please remember to pay your drivers for gas money.

This weekend we are going to the OSU show. Carpools and hotels will be given out via email. If you have any questions, please email the officer board. We will be leaving the C-Lots by 4.

This weekend there is an volunteer opportunity for Animals as Natural Therapy. On Saturday from 9 am to 12, we will be helping them set up for their gala. It will be hosted at the Bellingham Gold and Country Club, which is off the Guide. Let the officer board know if you can go so we can put you in a carpool.

In two weeks, WSU will be hosting a double western show. Both shows will be held on Saturday, so we will be leaving Saturday afternoon back to Western. The show will be hosted in Colfax, WA.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meeting Notes 1-26

We will be going to the OSU double huntseat show on February 13&14. We took who wanted to show. If you were excused from the meeting, contact the officer board if you want to show.

Gear dues should be paid. If not, do so by next Tuesday or we will take your gear back.

If you are not driving to lessons, please give your drivers about $5 to help with gas money. 

If you are able to show clip, Suzy needs someone to help her with that prior to our show on Thursday.

We created car pools for our show this weekend. They are:
Ashley (leaving at 11:30)

Elizabeth (1:00)

Courtney (3:00)

Lily (4:00)

We asked who wants to warm up ride. You can not show if you warm-up. 

You have been assigned horses to hold. Check the tack room in the fairgrounds to double check which horse you are assigned to. If you're holding a horse be sure to:

  • Make sure your horse has food, water, and a clean stall
  • Have an officer, Rachel, Suzy, or a steward double check your tack before letting a warm up rider get on 
  • You break it, you buy it
  • Keep the horses walking in a cooler when they aren’t in a class
  • Lead horse to and from arena (riders are not allowed to ride outside of the ring w/o a handler)
  • NEVER leave a horse unattended
  • hold horse while rider is getting on, even if they have other team members helping  
  • NEVER let any tack touch the ground
  • Keep track of all of your horse’s tack  
  • ALWAYS have the most positive sunshiney attitude no matter what :) 
Here's the schedule for our weekend. Be sure to arrive on time!

Friday: Arrive whenever you get out of class
Saturday: Arrive at 5:30 am to feed
Saturday night: Banquet starts at 5:30....we won’t have a lot of time to leave and come back so bring food to the fairgrounds with you! (You can eat at the banquet, but there is time in between!)
Sunday: Arrive at 5:00 am to feed
When do I get to go home? Never - please don't ask us this!

Remember to pay for classes Saturday and Sunday before the show.

Please remember The owners donating their horses are the center of our universe and we cater to their every need with a big cheesy smile.Also no gossiping about horses, humans, or anything in between!

Friday, January 22, 2016

2016 Show!

Join us next weekend for our annual show at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds in Lynden! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Meeting Notes 1-19-16

We did wonderful at the UO show! We took Reserve High Point on Saturday and Jessica Levis was Reserve High Point rider on Sunday (we tied w/WSU in points for Reserve High Point team). We had multiple riders place in the top 3, so well done everyone! Reminder to please not leave trash in carpool vehicles, because no one wants to have to clean out their cars of other's trash.

Dues should be paid. Gear has been extended until next Tuesday due to some confusion.

We counted who wants to show at our show. If you are not showing, you are welcome to warm-up ride the day of.

We need more horses for our show. If you know anyone who may be willing to donate, please reach out to them. We are especially in need of western horses.

Remember to look at the Job list and all the things list to know what you will be responsible for at our show. These can be accessed through google docs.

We broke out into small groups again to plan for our show and to make sure we are on track.

Meeting Notes 1-12-16

We are traveling to UO this weekend. The carpools will be sent out via email and we will be leaving the C-Lots at 4 p.m.

Gear has arrived! Please pay the appropriate amount due by the next meeting. Dues must be paid by next meeting as well. ($250)

We had designated time for committees to meet and plan for the show. This last approximately 15 minutes.