Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Meeting Notes 11-3-15

We're heading to a show this weekend! YAY!

First things first, we want to set some guidelines on etiquette. 

  • If you are a driver, channel your inner grandma and obey all driving laws (Ex: speed laws, seatbelts, texting and driving, ect.).
  • At the show, we expect everyone to be helpful and appreciative of those who donated their horses. This means saying thank you to horse handlers after your class and helping to take down jumps. We have been able to retain a reputation of being positive and helpful within the region, and we would like to keep it.
  • No alcohol. This is a University rule, not our own. If any members are found to be drinking while at competition, we will be disbanded. So don't do it.
At the shows remember to respect the box and place everything back where you found it (including your numbers!) For those who do not know, the box holds everything we may need to show (instant coffee, our show numbers, toiletries, ect.)

During the show, remember to dress warmly. It gets cold. Very, very cold. You are also expected to pay for your own food. 

One very important note is to bring enough money (cash/check) to pay for your classes. It is usually $35 a class.

If you want to be a driver, you must fill out the private vehicle form on Orgsync (https://orgsync.com/97585/forms/118255)  and go into the Sport Club Office to scan your license by Friday (preferably by Wednesday).

On Friday, we will be leaving for the show at 4 p.m. from the C-Lots.

We had a couple show clothes available for purchase or to borrow. If you need something for the show, email the officer board asap.

There will be a volunteering event. on Sunday, Nov 15 at the Whatcom Humane Society. This is during the CWU show, but if you are not going and are available, it is an excellent time to volunteer.

We placed another order for gear. If you want to order something, let Elizabeth know asap. The list of items available are: 

Black Light Jacket with
some shoulder design (88665 style number): 79.00$
Black Vest(88089): 55.00$
Big Jackets (both mens and womens): 65$
Head ear muff: 10.00
Cool-looking brown light jacket that's kinda equestrian looking: 75.00$
Grey hoodie: Unknown but probably will be cheaper than 75.00$

Finally, those who have not turned in their player registration packet need to do so by Friday, especially if they are showing. If you have not turned this in before the show, you cannot and will not show.

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