Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Meeting Notes 11-17

Hello Everyone,

Today we talked about an upcoming Ground Work Clinic that will be on Sunday, Nov. 22. The price will depend on the number of people interested in going, but count for $25. Right now, 13 people are coming, but if you want to go or can no longer make it, email the office board.

There is an opportunity to ride in a horse show Saturday, December 12. If you are interested, talk to the officer board and Suzy. This is a community horse show, not an IHSA show, but it would be good for experience and becoming familiar with the fairgrounds.

There are opportunities for Make-Up Lessons. If you are a competition member that has to miss a lot of lessons this quarter and are willing to give them up to Reserve riders, talk to Leanna. We would like to give people the chance to ride, but competition members have priority.

Upcoming Shows: 

  • UO: Jan 16th&17th (Double Hunt)
  • WWU: Jan 29th-31st (Sing Hunt, Sing West
  • OSU: Feb 13th&14th (Double Hunt)

  • WSU: Feb 20th&21st (Double Wes)
The WWU show is mandatory for ALL members. (Reserve/Comp/Non-Comp.) No excuses!

Our Show: Start thinking about asking for horse donations! In order to have a show, we need horses, so please whoever you may know. In addition, start seeing if local businesses will be willing to sponsor our show or donate raffle items.

Please get your schedules to the officer board Tuesday, December 1st. Please bring them in person, not over email. If you do not bring your schedule in by Winter Break, you will not be lessoning next quarter. 

Finally, there will be no meeting next week. Enjoy your day!

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