Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan. 27th Meeting

Want to fo to CWU Valentines Day weekend and you weren't at the meeting? Let us know!

How our show will run:


  • Arrive with your carpools
  • When greeters (Caitlin, Tara, Anna) Call for a trailer to be unloaded, go check to see if you can help unload tack.
  • Be VERY nice to all owners.
  • Say Thank You! A lot.
  • Make sure all water buckets are filled, and tack is given to the tack people (Jenny, Mikayla and Keelin)

Be at the fairgrounds by 5:30 am Saturday morning and 5:00 am Sunday morning
  • You must tack up, and hold the horses that you are responsible for
  • When you are showing, make arrangements for someone else to cover for you
  • Make sure all tack is safe at all times
  • Know when your horse goes.

  • Be really nice to the other teams!
  • Try to have fun while staying Organized
  • Jobs will be shared on a google doc

Keep in mind:
  • Keep a good attitude. It can be overwhelming but we need to work together all weekend for this to work.
  • If you need help, ask.
  • Keep track of what you are assigned to do
  • Everyone is tired.
  • WORK HARD! :)

Horses you are holding will be shared as a google doc. There you will see which horse you're holding, if you're warming up a horse, and which classes the horse you're holding is going in. DO NOT MESS UP THIS LIST

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