Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Meeting Notes 12-1-2015

Hello, and happy dead week!

First, please get your schedules in to Emily by Friday afternoon. No email schedules, please. If we do not have your schedule by Friday afternoon, you will not ride next quarter.

Next, we asked who wanted to go to the U of O show January 16th and 17th. It is a double english show. Those wanting to show are:
Jessica O.
Jessica L.
Maria S

Our show will be held January 29-31, and is mandatory. It will be at The Northwest Washington Fairgrounds, Lynden WA. Here's our tentative schedule:
Friday: Set up day.
  • You will go to the fairgrounds directly after class
Saturday (9am): English Day, Banquet
Sunday (8am): Western Day, Clean up

Over break,try to find people to donate horses and raffle items. We need as many horses and volunteers as we can get, so ask around!

If you have questions:
To Michelle: If you have specific questions, or want to offer help of some kind.
To Leanna: If you want general information or clarification.
Try not to bother Michelle too much, she will be stressed.

If you want to show at Paige's show, the horse options are
  • Ben
  • Cyd
  • Wonton
  • Breeze
  • Maybe Ginger and Dixie
Email the officer board or talk to Suzy if you want to show.

Good luck with finals and have a good break!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Meeting Notes 11-17

Hello Everyone,

Today we talked about an upcoming Ground Work Clinic that will be on Sunday, Nov. 22. The price will depend on the number of people interested in going, but count for $25. Right now, 13 people are coming, but if you want to go or can no longer make it, email the office board.

There is an opportunity to ride in a horse show Saturday, December 12. If you are interested, talk to the officer board and Suzy. This is a community horse show, not an IHSA show, but it would be good for experience and becoming familiar with the fairgrounds.

There are opportunities for Make-Up Lessons. If you are a competition member that has to miss a lot of lessons this quarter and are willing to give them up to Reserve riders, talk to Leanna. We would like to give people the chance to ride, but competition members have priority.

Upcoming Shows: 

  • UO: Jan 16th&17th (Double Hunt)
  • WWU: Jan 29th-31st (Sing Hunt, Sing West
  • OSU: Feb 13th&14th (Double Hunt)

  • WSU: Feb 20th&21st (Double Wes)
The WWU show is mandatory for ALL members. (Reserve/Comp/Non-Comp.) No excuses!

Our Show: Start thinking about asking for horse donations! In order to have a show, we need horses, so please whoever you may know. In addition, start seeing if local businesses will be willing to sponsor our show or donate raffle items.

Please get your schedules to the officer board Tuesday, December 1st. Please bring them in person, not over email. If you do not bring your schedule in by Winter Break, you will not be lessoning next quarter. 

Finally, there will be no meeting next week. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Meeting Notes 11-3-15

We're heading to a show this weekend! YAY!

First things first, we want to set some guidelines on etiquette. 

  • If you are a driver, channel your inner grandma and obey all driving laws (Ex: speed laws, seatbelts, texting and driving, ect.).
  • At the show, we expect everyone to be helpful and appreciative of those who donated their horses. This means saying thank you to horse handlers after your class and helping to take down jumps. We have been able to retain a reputation of being positive and helpful within the region, and we would like to keep it.
  • No alcohol. This is a University rule, not our own. If any members are found to be drinking while at competition, we will be disbanded. So don't do it.
At the shows remember to respect the box and place everything back where you found it (including your numbers!) For those who do not know, the box holds everything we may need to show (instant coffee, our show numbers, toiletries, ect.)

During the show, remember to dress warmly. It gets cold. Very, very cold. You are also expected to pay for your own food. 

One very important note is to bring enough money (cash/check) to pay for your classes. It is usually $35 a class.

If you want to be a driver, you must fill out the private vehicle form on Orgsync (https://orgsync.com/97585/forms/118255)  and go into the Sport Club Office to scan your license by Friday (preferably by Wednesday).

On Friday, we will be leaving for the show at 4 p.m. from the C-Lots.

We had a couple show clothes available for purchase or to borrow. If you need something for the show, email the officer board asap.

There will be a volunteering event. on Sunday, Nov 15 at the Whatcom Humane Society. This is during the CWU show, but if you are not going and are available, it is an excellent time to volunteer.

We placed another order for gear. If you want to order something, let Elizabeth know asap. The list of items available are: 

Black Light Jacket with
some shoulder design (88665 style number): 79.00$
Black Vest(88089): 55.00$
Big Jackets (both mens and womens): 65$
Head ear muff: 10.00
Cool-looking brown light jacket that's kinda equestrian looking: 75.00$
Grey hoodie: Unknown but probably will be cheaper than 75.00$

Finally, those who have not turned in their player registration packet need to do so by Friday, especially if they are showing. If you have not turned this in before the show, you cannot and will not show.

LBCC Fall Kickoff Prizelist

Judges: Hunt: Kelly Mariner Smith
Western: Kelly Kauffman-Cole
Limit: 2 over fences 3 flat/HMS per school. (Final limits will be set week prior) 
Show Secretary: Dawn Ross ross.dawn9@gmail.com
Entries: Due 10/24/15
online entries only

 November 7th Hunt
Coaches meeting 7:30am Show Begins 9am
November 8th Western
Coaches meeting 7am
Show Begins 8am

Linn County Fairgrounds 3700 Knox Butte Rd E Albany, OR 97322