Wednesday, January 8, 2014

1/7 Meeting Notes

OSU show this weekend
Leaving at 3:15pm from the C-lots
Everyone should have all the things they need to show by now
Please try to pack lightly as we will not have much room
Returning Saturday night
Carpools and hotel assignments will be emailed

Our show
WE NEED MORE HORSES. We have ~15, we need 50. Especially in need of western horses. The flier and donation forms have been emailed to you, everyone please ask at least one person they know if they'd be willing to donate. Emphasis what we offer/their control over how their horse is used.
We also are in need of a lot of stuff like coolers, water buckets, office supplies ect. Please consult the list emailed out last night and bring what you can. We will collect small things at a future meeting, large things like pitchforks will go straight to the fairgrounds on show weekend.

Monday lessons will begin next week, all others start this week
Carpool! You should have figured out at the meeting who is driving to your lesson and made arrangements

Paige's show Jan. 18th: Cleaning stalls as fundraiser, running bake sale. You should have received an email about this last night with more info. If you can come please reply to the email, if you did not get the email contact us to let us know.
February 8th marathon event: thank you all those who have signed up. More info coming later, specifically in relation to volunteering at Paige's show that same day.


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  1. I just got my acceptance letter from WWU! I can't wait to try out for the team this fall!