Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vikings take home high point western team at today's show, with Ali Giglio taking high point rider and Heather Haasl tying for reserve high point rider. Amazing riding by everyone today! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11/5 Meeting Notes

Gear distributed. Vests are still back ordered from the manufacturer and headbands will be here next week. We will have dues set up for payment soon and will send out an email as soon as we do. Everyone must pay for their gear in full by December 2nd, or else we will be forced to remove you from the team. Already this year several people have taken lessons and ordered gear and then quit without paying for either. This is a huge drain on our team account and if it continues we will be in serious financial trouble, so all payments will be enforced.

OSU Review

CWU this weekend
Showing: Kirstin Mckenna, Ariel, Heather, Keelin, Emily C., Jill, Lauren, Ashley, Abbie,
Ali, Caitlin, Tim, Emily G, Leanna, Elizabeth, Whitney, Hanifah.
Not Showing (beds at the hotel not guaranteed): Maddy, Margaret, Sable, Savannah, Casey, Londynn.

We will be leaving from the C-lots at 4:30 Friday, be there before 4:30. An email with carpool reminders and hotel assignments will be sent out.

English Clinic with Suzy to be held November 16th or 17th. Jumping for sure, possible flat section. Casey will be emailing further details soon, you must reply to have you spot saved.
Signed up
Jump: Lindsey, Maddy, Emily W., Lauren, Tara, Casey, Whitney, Jessica, Chloe, Sable, Margaret, Kristen H., Leanna, Keelin.
Flat (tentative): Ashley, Hanifah, Shevaun, Ali, Jill, Laura, Nicole, Caitlin.

ALL members must ask 15 people they know for donations to the team. These can be family, friends, ect. We have a donation letter that we will send out, you must print out 15 copies (please personalize them in some way) and put them in addressed envelopes. These are due by our next meeting, Tuesday November 19th, where we will stuff them with donation slips. In the past we have had to do 25-30 per person, so please do not complain. The money this brings in is crucial to us being able to do things like clinic and shows.

LBCC Nov 22-24
Showing: Mikaila, Maddy, Caitlin, Ali, Melissa, Keelin, Tara, Jessica, Emily G., Emily W., Lauren, Eliza, Chloe, Shevaun, Sable, Margaret, Kristen H., Casey, Leanna, Whitney, Hanifah, Averi.
Not Showing (no more spots available): Laura, Lindsey.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

OSU show

Good day at the OSU show today, we are proud of new recruits and vets alike. We took reserve high point in the morning show. Detailed results to come.