Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Here are the notes from the October 15th meeting!
• Please Arrive on Time
• You must give 24hr notice if you will not be there
• Please Carpool
• Monday: 7:00 (Flat) and 7:30 (jumping)

Contacting Me
• 8:00-8:00
• Check the website

• $5.70 new embroiderer
• All +/- $5.00
• Blue Jacket: $78.00
• Vest: $82.00
• Black Jacket: $84.00
• Grey Sweatshirt: $39.00
• Blue Zip-UP: $39.00
• Headband: $15.00
• Sweatpants: $24.00


Whitney Ashley Tim Caitlin Jill Kirsten M
Ariel Ruth Emily C Abby Lindsey Laura
Joan Londynn Hanifah Leanna Erika Ali

• Western Fall Fair

OSU Show November 2nd

Molly Caitlin Ali Radhika Keelin Ariel Erika Tim
Ashley Abby Heather Lauren Melissa Leanna Elizabeth
Hanifah Whitney Emily W

Only Coming
Joan Sable Margaret Nicole Tara Jessica
Maddy Londynn Laura Lindsey Danielle Savannah

Next meeting October 29th
Same place and time
We’ll make carpools

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