Tuesday, October 3, 2017

New Member Meeting for the 2017-2018 School Year

Hello! We are so excited to get this school year started! We started out the meeting with Officer introductions.
Holly- Vice President
Courtney- Secretary
Callie- Show Secretary
Maddy- Treasurer
Jessie- Social media

After introductions we talked about what IHSA is. IHSA gives college students the opportunity to learn how to ride horses at a low cost. WWU is placed into Zone 8 Region 4. We compete against schools from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. When we travel to shows, the host school provides the horses. Based off the riders level they are given a random horse to show in front of the judges.

Upcoming shows for this Quarter are:
October 28th WSU Double Western
November 11th, 12th Central Washington University Double Western

The WWU Equestrians is a Sports Club which means we are completely student run. Because we are a sports club we get a small budget form the school but we mainly have to raise our own money through quarterly dues. If a student rides twice a week it costs $275 a quarter and if a student rides once a week it costs $150 a quarter. Quarterly dues cover lesson costs, and travel fees. As a sports club we are also responsible for volunteering. We volunteer locally at places like Whatcom Humane Society and Animals For Natural Therapy.

Each year we do a couple of clinics with experienced riders from the area. Clinics normally costs around $25-$40.

Because we are a sports team we have some expectations from our team members. Academics first, horses second. We love to see dedication and a positive attitude. We are so blessed to be at a new facility this year so part of the responsibility of being a horse person is making sure our barn is clean!

Unfortunately we cannot support a huge team so we are a cut sport. This is because we don't want to over work our horses and our coaches. There is a non-competition team for those of you who don't want to show but still want to be a part of the team. Spots on our non-competition team are limited to lesson space.

Things we want from new members before tryouts this weekend:
Tryout Waiver for the facility
Orgsync rider survey and registration packet
IHSAinc.com please fill out the Individual Rider Placement form

Tryouts are this Saturday October 7th. Western tryouts are at 10am and English at 2pm. Tryouts will be held at our new facility.
Beldar Haven
5435 Sand Rd
Bellingham WA

Friday, September 15, 2017

About the Team

The Western Washington University Equestrian Team is a member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, Zone 8, Region 4. We compete with other schools throughout Washington, Oregon and British Columbia both individually and as a team in Hunt Seat Equitation and Western Equitation.  Our riders range in skill level from beginning walk-trot to open over fences and reining.  We practice Western at the Westby Equine Center and English at Twin Maples Farm, both in Lynden, WA.

Lets Get this Year Started!

Hello! We hope everyone had an amazing summer! With the school year starting in just a few short weeks we have a few announcements for everyone:
  • First off! For anyone interested in joining our wonderful team please stop by Info Fair on campus 9/25-26. Our booth will either be in Red Square or in front of the Rec Center from 11-3 both days. New or returning members please stop by and say hi!
  • For prospective new members we will be holding a new member meeting on October 3rd.  Returning members, right after the new member meeting there will be a mandatory meeting for the team. New members the meeting will be at 6pm and returning members meeting will be at 7pm. Meeting will be held in CF 125
  • Tryouts for new members will be on October 7th.
  • As most of you know our Western Coach decided to step down last year, we will miss her very much. However; we found a wonderful new Western Coach! Her name is Brisa Bawdon. Here is the link to her profile. file:///C:/Users/ckkarmil/Downloads/Brisa%20Bawdon08092017.pdf 
  • Also both teams will now be at a new facility! Make sure to be at the first meeting to get more information! 
  • Make sure to bring your schedules to the first meeting that way we can schedule you lessons for this quarter!
  • Lessons will begin October 9th
As of now there are no English Shows Scheduled for Fall Quarter.
  • WSU 10/28 One Day Double Western
  • CWU 11/11-12 Two day Double Western
We can't wait to see all of your lovely faces soon!
WWU Equestrian Officer board

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

04/04/2017 Meeting

Its been a while since posting. Since my last post we hosted our Horse Show at the Lynden Fairgrounds. On Friday of the show we were hit with a big snow storm but our team powered through it! The English show on Saturday went very well. The western show on Sunday started off very well but due to increasing snow storm conditions we unfortunately had to cut the show short. However overall the weekend went very well and we are so proud of our team!

We had one rider, Keelin Balzaretti, go to Western Regionals. She placed 4th in her very last IHSA show. Keelin graduated this winter. She has been an amazing team member and we will miss her so much!

Sophia Camaya went to English Regionals and she placed third in her class!

Now that we are in spring quarter we are only lessoning once a week. Our Western Coach had to move facilities so our Western team now practices out in Everson off of Timon road. We look forward to moving our team there!

At tonights meeting we reminded team members of the need to get 10 hours of volunteering before the end of the year. We then told them of a few volunteering events coming up. This weekend we are volunteering for Whatcom County Youth Fair on Saturday. On Sunday we are volunteering with Whatcom Horses In Need at their ranch riding clinic. Finally we announced that later this month on April 23 we will be hosting a free clipping clinic. This gives people who have no experience or people who want a refresher, how to clip horses.

That's all for today!

Happy Spring Quarter!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

11/8/16 Election Day!

Due to the election going on we kept the meeting short but talked about many important things! first off we reviewed everyone going to Ellensburg this weekend for a Double Western hosted by CWU. Last weekend we went down to Albany, Oregon to a one day double western hosted by LBCC. i am happy to saw that everyone walked away with a ribbon!
CWU is our last show of the quarter so next weekend we are volunteering at Pediatric NDT and SI Therapy Services.
Lastly we talked about our end of the quarter holiday party! We just put ideas out there but we decided on doing a white elephant style party and we are going to do a potluck! The party will be held on November 29th!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 1st Meeting

Last week we did not have a meeting. However, over the weekend our Western Team had a clinic with Roger Saur at Westby Equine Center.

At the meeting today we started off by telling everyone our new protocol for injuries. All injuries from horse related events must be reported to one of our officers and before you can ride again you must go to the health center and be cleared there with a doctors note.

Next we talked about reimbursements for traveling and team gear. To pay for your gear go into the glass office in the Rec Center. All gear payments are due November 11th. As for reimbursements, go to the glass office and fill out a reimbursement form. They will process it and then give it back to you. If it is over $75 the sports club will reimburse you, but if it is under $75 take the reimbursement form to Old Main 110 and they will give you cash.

This weekend we have a show in Albany Oregon hosted by Linn-Benton Community College. The show will be held at Linn County Fair and Expo Center. Next weekend the western team will be traveling to Ellensburg to compete at a show hosted by Central Washington University.

On November 19th we will be having a Volunteering event with Pediatric NDT and SI Services.

Lastly we talked about getting sponsors for our show. In the coming weeks we are going to put together groups and go out and try to get sponsors for our show. We have different levels of sponsors that companies can purchase including a raffle they can put items from their company into.

Two weeks ago both of the teams traveled to Colfax Washington to compete in a show hosted by Washington State University.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Meeting 10/18/16

Meeting 10/18/16

To start off the meeting we talked about needing to finish the player registration packet, which can be found on orgsync. We need this done by this Friday. Next, we asked people who would be interested in driving to shows. The people who volunteered we told to go on Orgsync and fill out the Vehicle Registration Form and give your license to Emily to take a picture of so she can give that to the school.

Next we talked about the show this weekend. We reminded everyone of show etiquette such as safe driving, and sportsmanship. for the new members we let them know to bring money for their owns food and to dress warmly and bring money for their class. We also assigned a team photographer, which will be Sophie.

We will be competing at WSU this weekend. Hunt Seat will go on Saturday starting at 8, warm up at 7. This show will be judged by Sally Collins. Western will go in Sunday starting at 8, warm up at 7 and it will be judged by Gena Loper. The show will be held at Palouse Empire Fairgrounds in Colfax, WA. The team will be staying at the Super 8 Moscow in Idaho.

We will be leaving on Friday at 4 and meeting in the C-lots at 3:30. For those driving we will be meeting in the C-lots at 1:30 to go pick up the cars from Enterprise. 

For those not going to the show this weekend, we will be volunteering at Western Fall Welcome.

Next weekend, October 29th, we will be having a clinic for the western riders with Roger Saur. This will start at 9am at Westby Equine Center.

The first two weekend of November we have Double Western Shows at LBCC and CWU. We took down names of people who potentially want to go.

Lastly, we took orders for team gear