Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Regular Season Wrap-Up

The regular season has concluded with a double hunt seat show hosted by WSU, where we brought home reserve high point team on Sunday. WWU officially took reserve high point regional team in western and unofficially came in third in hunt seat. While we had hoped for a repeat appearance at Zones or a trip to Semifinals, we congratulate OSU and UW for great performances and can't wait to get to work with a reorganized team next year! While the team season is over, several riders are individually moving on into the post season and competing at Regionals this weekend!
Congratulations and good luck to:

English Regional Qualifiers
Advanced Walk-trot-canter
Ashley Greyell
Ali Giglio
Novice Over Fences
Casey Hampf

Western Regional Qualifers
Advanced Western Horsemanship
Hanifah McGovern
Whitney Fleming

A few riders are going straight to Zones and Semis!
Open English Fences and Open English Flat
Whitney Fleming
Novice Western Horsemanship
Caitlin Johnson

Additionally, a huge congratulations to president Whitney Fleming, who was the regions Cacchione Cup qualifier!
This award goes to the open level hunt seat rider who accumulates the most points in over fences and flat phases during the year, and sends the rider straight to Nationals to compete for the Cacchione Cup. Sadly Whitney will be unable to attend, due to an international internship she is participating in during the time of Nationals.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Thank You!

Our team sincerely thanks anyone and everyone who has donated to us this year! We wouldn't be a team without you!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our last competition is coming up!

Winter quarter has flown by and the team has been having some great success!
The western season is done and we took 2nd place in the region. We still have two more english shows to conclude the year (February 22nd and 23rd in Woodinville), but we are currently in third tying for high point at our home show and taking another high point team at the first day of the UW show last weekend.
Our regional qualifiers so far are:
Casey Hampf
Ashley Greyell
Caitlin Johnson
Hanifah McGovern
Whitney Fleming
Good Luck Everyone!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

1/7 Meeting Notes

OSU show this weekend
Leaving at 3:15pm from the C-lots
Everyone should have all the things they need to show by now
Please try to pack lightly as we will not have much room
Returning Saturday night
Carpools and hotel assignments will be emailed

Our show
WE NEED MORE HORSES. We have ~15, we need 50. Especially in need of western horses. The flier and donation forms have been emailed to you, everyone please ask at least one person they know if they'd be willing to donate. Emphasis what we offer/their control over how their horse is used.
We also are in need of a lot of stuff like coolers, water buckets, office supplies ect. Please consult the list emailed out last night and bring what you can. We will collect small things at a future meeting, large things like pitchforks will go straight to the fairgrounds on show weekend.

Monday lessons will begin next week, all others start this week
Carpool! You should have figured out at the meeting who is driving to your lesson and made arrangements

Paige's show Jan. 18th: Cleaning stalls as fundraiser, running bake sale. You should have received an email about this last night with more info. If you can come please reply to the email, if you did not get the email contact us to let us know.
February 8th marathon event: thank you all those who have signed up. More info coming later, specifically in relation to volunteering at Paige's show that same day.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vikings take home high point western team at today's show, with Ali Giglio taking high point rider and Heather Haasl tying for reserve high point rider. Amazing riding by everyone today! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11/5 Meeting Notes

Gear distributed. Vests are still back ordered from the manufacturer and headbands will be here next week. We will have dues set up for payment soon and will send out an email as soon as we do. Everyone must pay for their gear in full by December 2nd, or else we will be forced to remove you from the team. Already this year several people have taken lessons and ordered gear and then quit without paying for either. This is a huge drain on our team account and if it continues we will be in serious financial trouble, so all payments will be enforced.

OSU Review

CWU this weekend
Showing: Kirstin Mckenna, Ariel, Heather, Keelin, Emily C., Jill, Lauren, Ashley, Abbie,
Ali, Caitlin, Tim, Emily G, Leanna, Elizabeth, Whitney, Hanifah.
Not Showing (beds at the hotel not guaranteed): Maddy, Margaret, Sable, Savannah, Casey, Londynn.

We will be leaving from the C-lots at 4:30 Friday, be there before 4:30. An email with carpool reminders and hotel assignments will be sent out.

English Clinic with Suzy to be held November 16th or 17th. Jumping for sure, possible flat section. Casey will be emailing further details soon, you must reply to have you spot saved.
Signed up
Jump: Lindsey, Maddy, Emily W., Lauren, Tara, Casey, Whitney, Jessica, Chloe, Sable, Margaret, Kristen H., Leanna, Keelin.
Flat (tentative): Ashley, Hanifah, Shevaun, Ali, Jill, Laura, Nicole, Caitlin.

ALL members must ask 15 people they know for donations to the team. These can be family, friends, ect. We have a donation letter that we will send out, you must print out 15 copies (please personalize them in some way) and put them in addressed envelopes. These are due by our next meeting, Tuesday November 19th, where we will stuff them with donation slips. In the past we have had to do 25-30 per person, so please do not complain. The money this brings in is crucial to us being able to do things like clinic and shows.

LBCC Nov 22-24
Showing: Mikaila, Maddy, Caitlin, Ali, Melissa, Keelin, Tara, Jessica, Emily G., Emily W., Lauren, Eliza, Chloe, Shevaun, Sable, Margaret, Kristen H., Casey, Leanna, Whitney, Hanifah, Averi.
Not Showing (no more spots available): Laura, Lindsey.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

OSU show

Good day at the OSU show today, we are proud of new recruits and vets alike. We took reserve high point in the morning show. Detailed results to come.